In A Smile

Unspoken joy surrounds your face
Warmth and light
You light up my mornings
Every single day
Thoughtful and kind

Beauty is in a smile
That begins in your heart
Flowing from the soul
Filled with immeasurable joy
Joy that overflows
For it can’t be contained
Yours is in me now
For I caught it today
The first time I saw you
Bubbles on the breeze
Dizzy spells subside
But the impression never leaves

For on your face
In your eyes
A sparkle
A sense
Of pride
A glow
Aura shine
Karma, Chi

It can spread through your body
To your fingertips and toes
And it’s really quite amazing
The power that it holds
For who could have guessed
Who could have foreseen
That I could be so happy
And life so sublime
At a moment’s notice
Form the comfort
That is found
In a smile


    1. And you deserve Life. Stick around. I can’t imagine a world in which you are only a memory.

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