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Driving through a city in chaos

This is just one, very limited perspective of the L.A. protests from a Lyft driver.

Coronavirus, Judy Mikovits & The Gordian Knot

A video has recently surfaced on the internet that is a non-stop barrage of some very salacious claims implying a vast decades long conspiracy to ruin her career and cover up work she has done, and somehow Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be at the center of it all. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Unpacking the Trump-Ukraine-Biden Scandal

On the surface, the Trump-Ukraine-Biden scandal seems pretty simple. In a way it is. Because of this, partisans on both sides have aggressively made their case partisan case and the objective facts seem to be getting lost in the muck. That's because it is actually more complicated than it seems. I'm going to try and break it down for you.

Yes, it was racist. But we can all learn from it.

President Trump made a "go back to your country" tweet recently and arguments have broken out between the left and the right about whether or not it was racist. Several strange defenses have been made of his tweet. Let's walk through some of them and see what we can all learn about ourselves and our attitudes toward race.

Public Shame #5: Me Too

What happened to that kid? I have yet to adequately answers that question. Until now.

Protect Your Magic

For magic comes in two forms...

A Breath of Life

So this is how it all begins.

When a Green Lantern tried to save Krypton

Question: In the DC Comics universe, why didn’t the Green Lantern Corps do something about the destruction of Krypton? Short Answer: They did.

Six Reasons to watch Hairspray Live! tonight

Tonight at 8/7 central NBC will broadcast Hairspray Live!, the latest in a string of live television musical extravaganzas. It may seem like this is just “more of the same” and a trendy fad, but forget Fox’s Grease and Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music… I’m here to tell you that this is three hours of... More

The Electoral College is UnAmerican B.S.

And if you support or defend it, then you are either UnAmerican or just plain ignorant.

Working for Free; Treated Unequal [UPDATED]

A few weeks ago I was offered a job that I would have been a fool to refuse. It seemed almost too good to be true, but the person I was dealing with was one I deeply respected and trusted beyond question. Sadly, I’ve learned that no one is what they seem and once again I misplaced my trust,... More

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