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Stop asking God what to do

I don’t often write advice, especially spiritual advice. I am not what you would call an adamant, proclaim it to the world, tell you how to live Christian sort of person. However, I recently read a somewhat humorous blog post in which an acquaintance divulges his struggle over figuring out where God wants his family to live. This caused more »

Why the last six months were the best six months of my life

I can't help it. I am extremely happy right now. Actually, I can help it. In fact, I worked really hard to be where I am today. Over the last six months, my life has taken a dramatic turn in a positive direction. I was recently hired to work for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on more »

Open Letter to FirstData

This company is pretty bad. They seem to relish walking all over the little guy and charging me for services that I neither wanted nor was even capable of using. When I alerted them to the problem, all they have done is deny responsibility and avoid making the situation right. Completely unethical. Read on for more »

Seaward decision

Yes, your comments and feedback through this blog or on Facebook & email do have an impact on me. In fact, even though I haven’t had a chance to personally respond to everyone, I have recently made some choices that are taking my life in an exciting new direction based on that very feedback I more »

This Week in Z: June 9, 2013

First, a special shout out to my little sister, Chayil, who turned… I want to say… 25(?) today (I’m in denial about the ages of all my siblings). Happy birthday, sis! I recently installed a Google Chrome extension called OneTab which allows me to save a group of opened tabs into a special bookmark page more »

The BKZ – Chapter 2

THE SUMMER OF LOVE It couldn’t have been a more perfect summer. I was cruising through my Air Force technical school training, acing tests and earning academic achievement awards. I had just finished my Basic Electronic Principals course, having graduated at the top of my class, and I was in the midst of my Networking more »

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