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For the rest of our days…

I’ve always said that I wanted to find my person. I never thought in my person I’d find my personal manager, my human calculator, financial planner, web designer, spider catcher, and most of all my biggest fan. Zachariah, I love you. But more importantly, I like you. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve more »

Why I love my ‘too big’ wedding ring

I have never worn a ring before, so when Thomasina and I went to size my finger it appears we made a mistake and came up a size too big. But we didn’t discover this until our wedding day and it has annoyed me ever since. I am already extra sensitive to how things wear more »

Here I go again!

I planned on singing this song to Thomasina on our wedding day. I wanted to surprise her after we said “I do” and even try and get the wedding party and guests in on the surprise, but alas… one thing led to another and I got completely swamped with preparations and working so much just more »

When a Green Lantern tried to save Krypton

Question: In the DC Comics universe, why didn’t the Green Lantern Corps do something about the destruction of Krypton? Short Answer: They did.

Six Reasons to watch Hairspray Live! tonight

Tonight at 8/7 central NBC will broadcast Hairspray Live!, the latest in a string of live television musical extravaganzas. It may seem like this is just “more of the same” and a trendy fad, but forget Fox’s Grease and Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music… I’m here to tell you that this is three hours of more »

The Electoral College is UnAmerican B.S.

And if you support or defend it, then you are either UnAmerican or just plain ignorant.

Working for Free; Treated Unequal [UPDATED]

A few weeks ago I was offered a job that I would have been a fool to refuse. It seemed almost too good to be true, but the person I was dealing with was one I deeply respected and trusted beyond question. Sadly, I’ve learned that no one is what they seem and once again I misplaced my trust, more »

Play Matchmaker for Charity

The Girlfriend Bracket is coming back! In 2013, I played a little game on the interwebs called The Girlfriend Bracket. Back then it was just for fun and just to test an idea I had about a possible “reality TV” dating show I was thinking about producing on YouTube. Interest in the game completely overwhelmed my expectations (despite the fact more »

Public Shame #4: GPS signal lost

I’ve always been an insanely hopeful and optimistic person. I’ve always had a plan, a general idea of where I was going, why I was living, and what I stood for. Despite always feeling like a weird outsider (P.S. #2), the crushing disappointment of the numerous unrealized potentials of my life (P.S. #1), or the confounding setbacks that seem more »

The Uplift Education con

I wasn’t going to say anything. It is an embarrassing and frustrating tale, and frankly I just wanted to let things go and move on. Then, I read this review on and it absolutely broke my heart. I knew I couldn’t keep silent any longer.

Public Shame #3: When the music died

“If you liked working for Royal Caribbean so much, why aren’t you still doing it?” you might ask. It is true. Working for Royal Caribbean was like a dream come true. I even wrote a blog post about it last year titled, “Why the last six months were the best six months of my life.” Travel more »

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