Protect Your Magic

Inspired by the writings of don Miguel Ruiz and Erwin McManus.

Protect your magic, yes.
I couldn’t agree more, it’s true.
But be on your guard
The magic you hold
Doesn’t need protection from you.

For magic comes in two forms:
There is the darkness and the light.
And in each of us
Both forms can be found
Tangled in an unending fight.

The darkness finds it’s roots
In fear, in hate and deceptions.
It never forgives,
And it’s worst sin is
Destroying human connections.

The light by contrast is
Selfless and filled with compassion.
It holds no grudges
And through it you’ll find
The fire that sparks your passion.

The darkness, trapped in the past,
Would have you believe that’s not so.
Seducing you with
Forgetting past pains,
It steals futures you’ll never know.

The light reveals the truth
That your choices are unconstrained.
It heals your trauma,
Your past is washed clean,
Leaving you and your world unstained.

The darkness is afraid
Of an external infection.
Its magic is weak
And limited so
It demands constant “protection.”

Light has the power to
Change an enemy to a friend.
It’s given for free
And needs no defense
Its strength and supply never end.

Confusing dark with light
Will certainly be your chagrin.
Threats to your magic
Aren’t always outside.
The worst threats come from within.