Mile 2

Everything I do is important
What I do and where I go carries weight
How I do the things I do is supreme though
To succeed I must choose to do things great

No matter how important
No matter the effect
Whether it affects me quite directly
Or does not even indirect
It all displays the person I am
It assigns my worth or my value
So even when no one is looking to see
When I do something I should follow through

To stay alive in this world of troubles
I must be nothing short of great
But to rise above all else here
I must assign myself one single trait
The trait must be exceeding
The expectations of the task at hand
So when it is necessary for me to do something
I must make my results quite grand

And this is the way of success
This is the way my life shall be run
And I am convinced in my own mind
That if I follow this rule I will become
Someone greater that ever imagined
Someone rarely seen in this world before
Yes, I see success on the horizon
But I will attain it because I ask for more