Haiku for You

It’s so pathetic:
I still miss you.
I don’t know why,
But a piece of me
Is still gone…

I feel such sadness
It’s like a piece of me left
The day you left me

I’m so pathetic
You’d think that after three years
I’d get over you

Nothing can compare
No one will ever come close
To being like you

You were my angel
Yet a demon you became
And you ate my soul

When will the time come?
When I stop playing the fool
And get over you

I just don’t know why
I can’t seem to forget you
Even though I try

What does this make me?
Am I some kind of loser?
Or just still in love?

One thing I do know
Life will never be the same
Because I knew you

Be you friend or foe
It doesn’t matter to me
I’ll always miss you