Some fear death –
Is it an end in itself?
Some fear growing old –
What dark path lies ahead?
Some fear pain –
Can it be fathomed?
Some fear the lack of love –
Isn’t it equal to the above?
Some fear the lack of freedom –
But, where does freedom come from?

I fear the lack of knowledge.
How can I know what lies beneath the skin?
The human soul is a soft and sad deception.
More than anything I wish
I could know someone’s pure motives.
Yet, the more I live
the more I realize how little
I know about my deepest inner soul.
How much more can I know
or understand about anyone else?
I shudder at the fact
that no matter how well I know anyone,
I can never have pure confidence
In people’s motives.
If I can deceive myself
you can deceive yourself
right along with me.
Is that what makes love so special?
The more you give to another person
the more you open yourself
to the pain that they can cause you.
Blind love ignores the danger of closeness
True love sees the danger
yet sacrifices personal confidence
in security from the lack of love,
pain, a future of sadness, and a lonely death.
That is why we have One security,
and no matter who fails
we can live free of fear
of loosing the One.