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Melissa Donaghy, now known as Melyssa Hubbard (but also known as “Miss Ann” in the dominatrix world) is very angry at me. I understand why: She is an angry person. She’s angry at anyone who doesn’t do what she wants. The sad thing is that she thinks everyone is supposed to do what she wants. She is very disconnected from reality.

I haven’t exactly been a Saint myself, but Lord knows I am trying. You see, I have very little patience for people who are disconnected from reality. I like to exist in a world of logic, reason, and grounded truth. Some people, like Melissa, live in a world where reality is whatever she “feels” it is. There are no inconvenient truths for these kind of people. Because of this, she throws toddler style temper tantrums on a regular basis because things often don’t go her way. Yes. Temper tantrums. Like a toddler. This is a fifty-year-old woman, mind you. I lived with her for exactly six weeks and I saw her throw more than half a dozen temper tantrums. And there was nothing I could do to predict or stop them.

So, I’ve spoken my mind to her a few times and didn’t mince my words. No, I didn’t called her any names or curse at her. But when pushed, I have broken down and told her what I thought of her, which wasn’t very flattering. It is something I am working on: Handling confrontation from emotionally unstable people and standing up to bullies without “fighting back” or engaging them on their level. Allow me to share a few anecdotes from the past six weeks…

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I love sharing my goals and aspirations privately, but rarely in public. This one I think I can. I would like to bicycle across the US after I finish college. Of course, which “after college” could mean several things since I plan on going to grad school – twice – and I also want to do Teach For America in there somewhere… So, lets just say that sometime in there after one major milestone and before the next, I want to do the TransAmerican Trail which stretches from Oregon to Virginia. Continue Reading