A New Goal

I love sharing my goals and aspirations privately, but rarely in public. This one I think I can. I would like to bicycle across the US after I finish college. Of course, which “after college” could mean several things since I plan on going to grad school – twice – and I also want to do Teach For America in there somewhere… So, lets just say that sometime in there after one major milestone and before the next, I want to do the TransAmerican Trail which stretches from Oregon to Virginia.

It is 93 days and covers almost 4,300 miles and is limited to only 14 people. You must be a somewhat advanced cyclist to make it. This year it cost $6,500 (which includes all camping, lodging, food, and a van transporting equipment from camp to camp), and of course I would have to buy a crap load of equipment (and a better bike) to make the trip which could cost me even more… which might also limit when I’d be able to take the trip. Plus, I’d have to “train” for it wouldn’t I?

Ooooooh, I want to make this trip so bad! Probably won’t happen for a couple of years, but I’m TOTALLY going to do it!