A Good Life’s Deed

Everyone in life needs a good deed,
A happy ending at the end of a day,
A warm feeling about themselves,
For being nice,
For helping others,
For offering to pay

Life is a game of use and be used.
Or at least that’s the rules some people play.
But the strange things people get used for,
Take my senses,
To another level,
Or completely away

In love and marriage there’s an agreement,
To meet the other’s needs ‘til death do us part,
Not necessarily to love that other person,
But to hold them,
Satisfy them,
And share your heart.

It’s a messed up way of life in my opinion,
But the majority thinks that it’s smart,
To ‘survive’ life on top for yourself
It’s a tradition.
It’s a religion.
It’s a perfected art.

Well, the using I’m talking about here on this day,
Is a strange kind of love that some people give,
Its in tolerating someone every day,
Being nice
Giving them hope,
The desire to live

The funny thing is that when it all comes down,
It’s just a game majority likes to play,
No conspiracy that actually was planned,
But an act,
That lasts,
Through every day

So you really don’t like this guy,
You’re pretending to be nice,
You’re putting on a show,
For this despicable person
You’d rather not suffer his company,
But you feel this good deed,
Will make you feel better in the end,
So you deceive and you tease,
And your life is that much more complete.

This guy is here to thank you,
For extending his life span,
Because if it wasn’t for your show,
Long ago,
It was over,
For this man

But your selfishness for yourself,
Your desire to make yourself feel good,
Has backfired and you actually did,
Do something,
For someone else,
Like you should

This guy thanks you for your treachery,
For at least helping him to stay alive,
But all good shows come to a close,
They end,
There’s a war,
Few survive.