Shoshannah Stern

Full Name: Shoshannah Stern

Conference: DUTCHESS Conference, 12th seed

Status: Eliminated by Rebecca Hazlewood in Round 1!


Birthday: July 3, 1980 (age 32) | Height: 5’4″

Birthplace: Walnut Creek, California, USA

Twitter: @Shoshannah7 | Facebook page

More: IMDB Page | Wikipedia Page | Website

Shoshannah Stern is a charming actress who played major roles in two of my favorite TV shows, Showtime’s Weeds and CBS’s Jericho. She also appeared as a regular on Threat Matrix and had guest spots on Boston Public, ER, and Lie to Me. Her feature film credits include The Last Shot and Adventures of Power. She also appeared in‘s “Yes We Can” music video.

Shoshannah is one of three children and from a fourth generation deaf family. She attended Gallaudet Univeristy where she majored in English Literature because she was afraid to tell her parents she wanted to be an actress. She got her big break in Hollywood three months prior to graduating and left school and has never looked back since.

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Shoshannah Stern as Megan in Shotime’s Weeds