Ksenia Solo

Full Name: Ksenia Solo

Conference: The CALLIOPE Conference, 10th seed

Status: Eliminated by Emily Browning in Round 1!


Birthday: Oct. 8, 1987 (age 25) | Height: 5’4″

Birthplace: Latvia

Twitter: @KseniaSolo | Facebook page

More: IMDB Page | Wikipedia Page | Fansite

Ksenia Solo is an actress and dancer who appears in the SyFy Channel’s Canadian import series Lost Girl. However, audiences may recognize her as one of the Little Swans on the Oscar nominated Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan.

Raised in Canada, but born in Latvia, Kesnia currently resides in L.A. where she is continuing to pursue her acting career. In fact, Ksenia did not spend more than a few months in Latvia as her parents immigrated to Canada during the Soviet unrest in 1987. Her most striking feature are her piercing icy blue eyes. At eighteen, she became the only person to receive back-to-back Gemini Awards for ‘Best Performance in A Youth Television Series’ for her work on the Canadian television series, Renegradepress.com, which she starred in for four years.

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Ksenia Solo as Kenzie in SyFy’s Lost Girl