Jasika Nicole

Full Name: Jasika Nicole Pruitt

Conference: DUTCHESS Conference, 7th seed

Status: Eliminated by Rashida Jones in Round 2!


Birthday: April 19, 1980 (age 32) | Height: 5’2″

Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Twitter: @FringeLabRat | Facebook page

More: IMDB Page | Wikipedia Page | Website

Jasika Nicole is a brilliant artist, actress, and singer who played the lab rat, Astrid, in Fringe. Her feature film debut had her ballroom dancing in Take the Lead and also recently appeared in the comedy She’s Out of My League.

Jasika studied theater, dance, voice at Catawba College. She also also has done quite a bit of stage acting and starred opposite Bronson Pinchot in Chasing Nicolette. Jasika does wonderful artwork and self-publishes comic strips and a graphic novel called High Yella Magic on her website (which, by the way, is a pretty awesome/artsy website too). In 2010, she made the OUT 100 list and was photographed for the issue. Oh… wait… Well I guess this Girlfriend Bracket IS just make believe. Oh well…

Check out her interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth on Fringe