Ginnifer Goodwin

Full Name: Jennifer Michelle Goodwin

Conference: The ANGEL Conference, 15th seed

Status: Eliminated by Rose Leslie in Round 1!


Birthday: May 22, 1978 (age 34) | Height: 5’6″

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Twitter: @ginnygoodwin | Facebook page

More: IMDB Page | Wikipedia Page | Fansite

Ginnifer Goodwin (she goes by Ginni) currently stars as Snow White on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, but I first got to know her as Margene in the HBO drama Big Love. Her big Hollywood breakout role came in Mona Lisa Smile. She also played Johnny Cash’s first wife, Vivian, in Walk The Line.

Ginni graduated from college in Tennessee but later went on to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She also trained with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Funny story: I once considered greasing a connection I had with a 20th Century Fox VP/casting director to move out to L.A. and try to break into acting. I decided against that, but later found out through the rumor mill that another mutual friend did somewhat go that route and wound up dating Ginni Goodwin. Hey, that should have been me! Oh well.

Check out her interview with Craig Ferguson!

Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan in SyFy's Warehouse 13

Ginnifer Goodwin as Margene Heffman in HBO’s Big Love