The Girlfriend Bracket

UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’m relaunching The Girlfriend Bracket this year as a charity fundraiser. Find out more here:

2013: The Girlfriend Bracket is a social experiment I am doing where you get to decide who my next (fake) girlfriend will be by voting. It is set up like a March Madness style tournament and is a precursor to a YouTube reality dating show I want to do.

Click here to vote in today’s match-ups: The Championship!

Helpful Links:

Meet The Girls – Find out about all 64 – yeah… 64 – girls in the tournament!

New Dating Game: Girlfriend Bracket – My original post explaining the game.

The Bracket – Track the results of the tournament.

Girlfriend Bracket : Choose My Next Girlfriend – Join the Facebook event!


Tournament Schedule (And Results):

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Round of 64

Round of 32

Sweet Sixteen

Elite Eight

The Final Four

  • Day 23 – ANGEL vs. CALLIOPE  &  BLESSED vs. DUTCHESS (closed, View the bracket here)
    • Jewel Staite – 44 | Rose Byrne – 56
    • Deborah Ann Woll – 44 | Evangeline Lilly – 56


The Championship