For the rest of our days…

I’ve always said that I wanted to find my person.
I never thought in my person I’d find my personal manager, my human calculator, financial planner, web designer, spider catcher, and most of all my biggest fan.

Zachariah, I love you.
But more importantly, I like you.
I’ve seen your kindness and your strength.
I’ve been awe struck by your intelligence and ability to make anything work.
You see the best in me and challenge me to be better.

I promise to be the best version of myself and never stop growing with you.
I will love you,
encourage your endeavors,
embrace and respect your talents and quirks,
and listen to the most useful information and random facts
in my Wiedepedia’s beautiful brain.

I will be your loyal and faithful partner, safe space.
I will promise to always play with you,
and to “Yes, and” with you
and to “Yaaaaaassss” with you
for the rest of our days.

I’m pleased at last I have my person. It was so worth the wait.