How to make $33 per hour driving Lyft in L.A.

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So here is how to potentially earn $33 per hour:

If you give 150 rides per week you can earn a weekly bonus of $320. 55 of those rides must be be during peak hours so you will have to make sure you pay attention to the peak hours. When I give 150 rides in a week I make about $1200 in ride fares plus tips. So that is approx. $1500 per week. If you do that for three weeks then you are looking at $4500. Then, add the $900 bonus and you’re at $5400. That takes me about 55 hour per week to do that many rides so that means I’d make about $33 per hour!

How do I give 150 rides per week you ask? How do I make $1200 in rides and tips in 150 rides? Here’s how it is done:

Monday – Friday give 20 rides each day. That is 100 rides. You can do this in about 8-10 hours per day. Make sure you hit every peak hour to get those required 55 peak time rides. Saturday and Sunday you can easily give 25 rides each day which will being you to 150.

But what if you want some time off?

Simple. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you really want to push it you can do 25, 30, and 30 rides each of those days. This is what I generally do because I get more money per ride on those days anyway. Friday and Saturday nights are especially lucrative, but don’t don’t discount those Saturday and Sunday afternoon crowds. Traffic isn’t bad and people are usually going really far so the money adds up. Then, just pick a day or two to only drive the peak hours – or if you are really good at catching a lot of rides during peak hours take a whole day off. If you sign up with the RIDECAST referral code I can coach you more on how to catch more rides during peak hours.

What if you want to drive part time?

I’m going to provide a breakdown of different scenarios where you can still qualify for the full bonus without going full throttle and giving 150 rides per week. Remember, all of these numbers (hours, earnings, etc.) are estimates based on my experience driving Lyft in Los Angeles for a year and a half. Your results may vary.

Intensive Driving Schedule

 HoursEst. EarningsWeekly BonusSign-On BonusTOTAL
Week 150-60$1,180$320$405$1,905
Week 250-60$1,180$320$405$1,905
Week 350-60$1,180$320$90$1,590

Full Time Driving Schedule

 HoursEst. EarningsWeekly BonusSign-On BonusTOTAL
Week 140-45$900$200$315$1,415
Week 240-45$900$200$315$1,415
Week 340-45$900$200$270$1,370

Part Time Driving Schedule

 HoursEst. EarningsWeekly BonusSign-On BonusTOTAL
Week 120-25$500$85$135$720
Week 220-25$500$85$180$765
Week 320-25$500$85$180$765
Week 420-25$500$85$180$765
Week 520-25$500$85$135$720
Week 620-25$500$85$90$675

Summary of Three Plans

PlanRides Per WeekMon-FriSat & SunPeak Rides*WeeksEst. Weekly IncomeEst. Hourly Earnings
Full Time1157040(50)4$1400$33
Part Time603030(30)7$735$33

What if you don’t own a qualifying car?

Again, there is a solution for that. You can rent a car through Maven. The catch is that you have to pay for the car – $189 to 209/week (insurance is included!) + taxes.  So it costs a bit more but it isn’t bad for the money – especially if you just do it a couple weeks, make your $900 bonus and then quit. You can also rent a car through Lyft’s Express Drive program but they charge $209 + taxes and they drastically lower your available bonuses, so it really isn’t worth it.

If you sign up now using the RIDECAST offer code I can give you personalized coaching on how to maximize your earnings, where and when to drive, how to keep your customers happy and tipping lots of $$ without spending too much time or money on silly things like little water bottles.

While I can’t guarantee that you will make as much as I do giving 150 rides per week (there is some random chance involved in how busy it is sometimes or the kinds of rides you get – and your tips may be better or worse than mine depending on how your customer service skills come across) but I can teach you everything I know and have used to make that much myself and you can spend the next three weeks working towards that easy $900 bonus and earning good money along the way.

Remember, use referral code RIDECAST to sign up now and get started making some quick cash!