New Dating Game: Girlfriend Bracket

And you get to choose my next girlfriend! Well, not exactly…

I have this idea for a YouTube reality show that basically places a guy (or gal) on a series of dates with 16 different women who are pitted against each other in pairs in a multi-round bracket system. Winners from the first round go on to face each other in a second round until one winner emerges.

But there’s a catch…

The guy on the dates doesn’t get a say in who wins each match-up. The viewers vote on the winners. Its basically The Batchelor + March Madness + American Idol… + YouTube. Plus, there will be other fun interactive voting features as well (such as what kind of date they go on, what the “surprise challenge” will be, etc.).

SO that is an idea for the future… Anyone want to help me create the show???

While I’m working on that, in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a pretend bracket for myself – using some of my favorite actresses. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I don’t stand a chance with any of these lovely ladies, but its all for fun and games and pretend. And who knows? Maybe the winner will actually go on a date with me if I ask reeeeeal nice.

Every couple of days, I will introduce a new set of match-ups and invite you to vote on who deserves to move onto the next round. And ultimately we will have a winner. Would you like to see the brackets?

All of these lovely and talented actresses have appeared in TV shows or movies that I am fond of (for the most part). I have divided them into four divisions – based on my own secret criteria (and partly by random assignment). Then, I assigned seeds – again, by a very loose criteria, but mostly random – and fed them into a bracket builder to create the match-ups.

The first match-ups will launch this Saturday (3/30/2013).

So, without further ado, the contestant (who didn’t even know they were competing). On, and don’t worry, I will be providing pictures and basic biographic information about them when they are facing off against each other:

The ANGEL Conference

The BLESSED Conference

The CALLIOPE Conference

The DUTCHESS Conference