My Tax Rebate

Like most people, I’m very excited to be receiving some of my tax money back. I just wish I could stay excited once I started using my brain. Allow me to explain:

This tax rebate is about as pointless as increasing the credit limit on a maxed out credit card and pretending I got a pay raise. It may allow me to spend more now, but I’m just going to have to pay it back eventually. Since the government isn’t decreases spending by $110 billion, myself and every other American with any common sense knows that we’re going to have to pay for the government’s current spending in taxes sometime in the future – and with interest to boot! How does that make any sense??

I’d rather see the government decrease its spending so it can actually afford a tax rebate. With the example our own government sets, its no wonder credit card debt & personal bankruptcy is almost at an all time high. Is spending beyond your means, whether you’re a government or an individual, really helpful to the economy in the long run? Obviously, all this fiscal irresponsibility does is lay the ground work for a looming future economic catastrophe.

Anyone could tell you that easing a little pain today at the expense of a limb or your life tomorrow is about as foolish as it gets, yet somehow some (if not most) of our politicians are willing to pull the wool over our eyes and make us feel like they’re doing us a favor in order to keep their political party in favor. I don’t buy it for one second, and I have a feeling that enough Americans are rational enough that enough of this stimulus plan won’t get spent to do the economy any good.

Business cycles are a natural trade-off for having freedom and free, open-markets. However, the more the government tries to offset one recession, the worse the next one will be. We’d all be better off if we just accepted the fact that because we’re not all equally impoverished citizens of the USSR we’re going to go through the occasional recession and have temporary rises in unemployment. If Americans were managing their money properly during the good times, and not like the government teaches us, recessions and unemployment wouldn’t “hurt” so bad.

In conclusion, this tax rebate plan is simply another example that most of our politicians are either not smart enough or dishonest enough that they are willing to do the exact things that got us into this mess in the first place in order to avoid taking the blame for the said mess. Its time for a change – REAL change. Not a change from one party to the next – who both want to increase the size of government when we already can’t afford to pay for the one we have now. So sad… so sad…

For more information on the National Debt visit zFacts, or one of the links I provided above.