G.R.rrrrrrrrr, baby…

Today, I had the pleasure to meet two of my greatest heroes: Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, founders and writers of Giant Robot magazine. I wish I could explain why I love this magazine so much and the impact that Eric & Martin have had on me and the lens through which I view the world… but words fail me in this instance. Perhaps I’ll retouch on this another time.

For over 8 years now I have closely followed the words and cultural samplings of these two guys and their magazine and longed to meet them face to face. Although it wasn’t the right setting for a sit down and long chat over drinks about all the burning questions I have for them, this was certainly one of the happiest and most long awaited meetings of my life.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera with me today (I thought I had it my bag and did not!), but I did remember to bring my favorite clothing item: A G.R. hoodie. I got Eric & Martin to sign it, and I provide the pictures for you now (free of charge!).

GR Hoodie 1 GR Hoddie 2

(click a picture to view larger image)

Thanks Eric & Martin – you’ve informed and expanded my world, and saturated my life with fascinating culture while keeping it real and teaching me what “real” actually is. Next time (in another 8 years?), maybe we’ll be able to do a conversation and photo.