Where I’m From

From the top of a scale
To the bottom of despair
Sing a sad song
Find me.

Open up a book
Flip through the pages
Or just the cover art
Discover me.

To truly know my roots
You’ve gotta be where I’ve been
To truly feel my love
You’ve gotta know me.

So run through a forest
Climb the tallest tree
But on the way down
Just don’t forget
To every branch hit
When your body writhes in pain
You’re with me.

Now twist into a shape
And spring out of it again
And repeat with pulsing rhythm
Don’t lose me.

Lose yourself
Forget who your are
Simply play life’s roles
Detached from it all
And when there’s little left
Just a black and empty void
You’ve arrived at my home
My cave, and my womb
The home that is me
My canvas.